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The three primary class types are warrior, rogue, and mage. However, there are multiple specializations within each, including specializations that are racially exclusive for each race and class. Warriors, rogues, and mages are the base classes and have their own unique quirks, but serve as jacks-of-all-trades and good for versatility in style. They can choose to later pursue a specialization, or a character can begin their journeys with the specialization already set, but once chosen a specialization cannot be changed.

Warrior-based Classes

  • Warriors are the base-class of the warrior tree, and the most common type of warrior. They are a versatile melee combatant, with options of using two-handed weaponry or one-handed weapons and shields to provide protection for themselves and their teams.
  • Knights are a common warrior specialization focusing on the leadership, battle tactics, and protection for their teams. They utilize weapon and shield combat and a variety of shouts and war-cries to be effective champions on the battlefield.
  • Barbarians are a specialization of warriors focusing on brutal massive weaponry to demolish their targets.
  • Brawlers focus on unarmed combat and fighting dirty.
  • Rune Knights are a specialization of warriors using magically enhanced weaponry and armor to have unique effects on the battlefield.
  • Paladins (Human only)
  • Berserkers (Orc only)
  • Bombardiers (Dwarf, Gnomes and Goblins only)
  • Beast Masters (Elf only)

Rogue-based Classes

  • Rogues are the base-class of the rogue tree, and the most common type of rogue. They are a true jack-of-all-trades, with options of using daggers or bows as weaponry as well as traps and tricks such as stealth among their many talents.
  • Hunters
  • Assassins
  • Swashbucklers
  • Bards
  • Monks (Human only)
  • Savagers (Orc only)
  • Artificers (Dwarf, Gnomes and Goblins only)
  • Rangers (Elf only)

Magic-based Classes

  • Mages are the most common form of magic users. Also known as elementalists, these are mages who focus on the use of the fire, water, earth, and storm pools of magic. The view of these mages and understanding of their abilities alters from culture to culture. Humans, elves, goblins, and some gnomes view these pursuits of magic as an intellectual and mystical line of study, whereas orcs view it as a spiritual connection. Meanwhile, the study of magic from the dwarves and other gnomes have long viewed these manipulations of the elements as a scientific practice. Dwarven elementalist mages in particular tend to focus on the earth pool with unique abilities, known as stonemages.
    • Favored Weapons: Staves
    • Spell Pools: Elemental (Fire, Water, Earth, Air)
    • Capital City: Al Shefar
  • Arcanist
  • Warlock
  • Spellswords or battlemages are specialized mages who channel their abilities through mystically crafted artifacts known as spellswords rather than staves. Their history links back to the ancient elves, but after their discovery by humans they have become far more widespread. These mages may choose to fight at a distance or up close and personal with their blade and often wear slightly heavier armor over their clothing and robes. They tend to utilize the basic elemental pools of magic as well as some arcane spells, but with a varied twist in style to benefit their unique role.
  • Enchanter
  • Priests are a specialization of mages only available to humans who follow the faith.
  • Shaman (Orc only)
  • Alchemist (Dwarf, Gnomes and Goblins only)
  • Druid (Elf only)

magic pools: fire/water earth/storm light/darkness life/death mind/body arcane/physical