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Humans are the most prominent civilized species on Targea and have spread to other continents as well. They are a newer race to the planet, but the quickest to adapt, multiply, and dominate with numerous powerful empires.


Orcs are believed to be the one of the earliest inhabitants of Targea, although elves dispute this claim.



Born from relationships between humans and elves, Half-Elves have a somewhat unqiue standing in society. They would be disregarded entirely by most of their pure-blooded elven brethren, but may find mild tolerance among the high elves if up to other standards. Meanwhile, among humans they are slightly more accepted, even by nobility as an odd trinket of a child though unlikely fully respected as a member of the class. They may have more acceptance amongst the commonfolk, blending in with the rest of the masses and keeping a low-profile. They are, however, accepted with open arms in some kingdoms such as Fürchten and Al Shefar.


Born from relationships between humans and orcs, Half-Orcs have a somewhat unique standing in society. Among humans, they are still viewed as orcish and thus are treated similarly to any orc. A human noble family bearing a half-orc child would be shunned and humiliated until stripped of nobility. Among commonfolk, they would fare better with similar acceptance to other civilized orcs, but turned away from religious studies. Meanwhile, in an orcish society, they would blend in well and mostly just be viewed as a bastard child. However, secrets of the orcish primalists would not be passed on to one with human blood ties.



Dwarves are an ancient underground race born from the stone, crafted by the golems.


Gnomes are the newest race to all of Targea, created from clay by the dwarves. They were initially used as slaves for small tasks and services, and eventually used as soldiers in the ongoing wars against the goblins. However, as the designs of gnomes became more sophisticated and their artificial intelligence grew to become sentient beings, they were granted independence and treated as their own race. However, they are a species without a kingdom of their own. While some chose to remain underground and living amongst the dwarves, others moved onward to the surface to explore the rest of the world. Gnomes are best known for a child-like curiosity about the world, a profound intelligence, and affinity for magic.


Other Races