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  • -2000-1000s
  • -1000-500s
  • -500-0s
    • Humans arrive to Targea and spread rapidly
    • Humans vs Orcs: First War (end in truce; many humans enslaved)
    • Humans vs Elves: First War ((end in truce))
    • Humans begin religion of Seraphism thanks to prophet Rheamora; organize religion
  • 00s
    • Year 0: Human religious leader starts new calendar and formation of religion
    • Under belief of exalted war: Second War with Elves to found capital city of Rheamos at believed birthplace of man (elves retreat - humans take land)
    • In the SOUTH: in Old Rarmarus, humans revolt against their orcish captors and create gain freedom - the humans take over new lands of the Baeld Highlands
  • 100s
    • Humans begin building Rheamos - King is arrogant and wants it in center of continent; keeps shifting; he's an asshole king who spoils himself
    • Several humans dissent and move northwards to form Fürchten -- roots of attitudes towards religion root back to Second War from teachings of Dark Elves
  • 200s
  • 300s
  • 400s
  • 500s
  • 600s
  • 700s
  • 800s

Ancient History

2000-1000 BT

1000-500 BT

500-0 BT

Early History

Early Years





Modern History